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TPE-PUR Resolver Cables Halogen Free

STANDARD USE: Multipair twisted shielded pair cable with overall shield for dynamic applications in industrial drag chains, with small external dimensions, high flexibility and outstanding resistance to industrial oils and other chemical and mechanical agents, UL-CSA DESINA approval.

Technical Features

  • Conductors Extraflexible tinned copper (Cu-ETP1) UL 1581, VDE 0295 cl.6 ref.
  • Insulation Halogen free Polyester (TPE-E) UL 1581 ref. Colour code: differently coloured
  • Inner Shield According to your request the shield on the single twisted pair may be one of the following: tinned copper helically wound on the single pair. Optical coverage: ≥ 85% or: tinned copper braid. Optical coverage: ≥ 85%
  • Overall Shield Tinned copper braid. Optical coverage: ≥ 85%.
  • Assembling Non woven tape.
  • Optional Assembling Non woven tape.
  • Jacket Low friction halogen free matt flame retardant Polyurethane, hydrolysis, microbial attack, abrasion, tear, oil resistant UL 1581 ref. Colour code: Green Ral 6018 DESINA (other colours on request)
  • Inner Jacket Polyolefin on the single shielded twisted pair colour: Black
  • Electrical Conductor Resistance 0,14 mm2: < 150,0 Ohm/Km
    0,25 mm2: < 91,0 Ohm/Km
    0,34 mm2: < 59,5 Ohm/Km
  • Operating Voltage 30 V or 300 V
  • Test Voltage 1500 V
  • Operating Temperature Dynamic application: -40°C + 80°C
  • Bending radius 6 times overall diameter of cable.
  • Maximun Speed 240 m/min
  • Maximun Acceleration 30 m/sec2
  • Flex Life from 3 to 6 million of motions (bending radius 10 times overall diameter of cable)
  • Flame retardant test; Non-Halogen Verification CEI 20-35/1-2, EN 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1-2, UL 1581 cable flame test, FT1 test < 0,5 % (CEI 20-37/2-1, CEI EN 50267-2-1, IEC 60754-1)
  • UL-CSA Approval (E235078) AWM Style 20233 oppure 20549 80°C 300 V - CSA I/II A/B 80°C 300 V FT1 AWM Style 20236 80°C 30 V – CSA I/II A/B 80°C 30 V FT1 AWM Style 20554 80°C 30 V - CSA I/II A/B 80°C 30 V FT1


TPE-PUR Resolver Cables Halogen Free

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