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Low smoke halogen free (LSZH) multicoaxial cables for video application

STANDARD USE: Cables for video connections
Impedance: 75 Ohm.


Technical features


Coaxial cable

microcoaxial LSZH

Microcoaxial 75 Ω:


7-stranded tinned copper conductor 28AWG (7x36AWG).


LSZH Foamed Polyethylene.


Bare copper braid or tinned copper braid. Optical coverage: 90%


Non-contaminating special LSZH flame retardant compound.

Colour code:
Black. Black, Blue. Red, Green, Blue.
Red, Green, Blue, Black.
Blue numbered from 1 to N (N: number of microcoaxials).



Polyester tape helically wound.


Outer jacket

Special flame retardant halogen free low smoke compound CEI 20-11, EN 50363-0 quality M1, VDE 0207 HM2.
Colour: Black, Blue, Grey or upon request.


Electrical resistance

0,09 mm2 (28AWG): < 237 Ohm/Km.


Operating temperature

-25°C +80°C(fixed laying)

Bending radius

15 times overall diameter of cable (fixed laying).

Operating voltage


Test voltage


surface transfer impedance

max 200 mOhm/m (f < 10 MHz)

flame retardant test

CEI 20-35/1-2, EN 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1-2.

non-halogen verification

< 0,5 % (CEI 20-37/2-1, CEI EN 50267-2-1, IEC 60754-1).

corrosivity of combustion gas

pH: > 4,3 - Conductivity: < 10 μS/mm
(CEI 20-37/2-2, CEI EN 50267-2-2, IEC 60754-2)

smoke density

Transmission of light: > 70% (CEI 20-37/3-1, EN 61034-2).

toxicity index

< 2 (CEI 20-37/4-0).


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