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Applied software

The design /process/manufacture path, which consists of taking an idea from concept to product, is one that ELETTRONICA CONDUTTORI engineers must understand first-hand. Every step of this process uses computers : design analysis, machine control, quality assurance and market analysis.

Engineers are also involved to develop and implement user-friendly and reusable computer solutions. Readability, reliability and documentation are stressed in the development of programs.

To accomplish these aspects, ELETTRONICA CONDUTTORI  engineers employ MATLAB as main technical computing environment.
Through the OS-independent MATLAB language, ELETTRONICA CONDUTTORI engineers are able to write portable code easily, with key advantages as:
  • Software life cycle
  • Maintenance
  • Modularity
  • Abstraction
  • Software prototypes

The most typical MATLAB code, developed by ELETTRONICA CONDUTTORI engineers, is CISP (Cable Interference Simulation Program), finalised to demonstrate the Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of the ELETTRONICA CONDUTTORI shielded signal cables.
CISP is a computer aided approach to cable behaviour from the electromagnetic interference hardening point of view. With the CISP program is possible to evaluate all the significant electrical/structural parameters needed to meet the STI (Surface Transfer Impedance) requirements.

In the ELETTRONICA CONDUTTORI CISP code most effects have been put for the following purposes :
  1. 1. Establish an analysis method slanted towards the development of the STI test, in order to determine the SE behaviour of the CUT (Cable Under Test) that occurs in the measurement
  2. 2. Implement the method into a code in order to evaluate all the needed design parameters
  3. 3. Provide an optimisation algorithm of the cable braid design parameters to be selected during the design development activity

The optimisation routine generates:
  • A close grid of values with the STI function expanded in the relative Taylor series in order to define the combination of values in a minimum computational time
  • A loop on a single variable for all design variables, while for other ones remain fixed

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