General terms of sale

1. General terms

The present general terms of sale (the “GTS”), along with the economic and commercial offer if any, are integral, inseparable and fundamental part of any product (the “Product”) sale agreement between Elettronica Conduttori S.r.l. (“Elettronica Conduttori”) and its customers (the “Purchaser”), regardless the means of their execution (email, letter, telefax, telephone etc.).

The GTS are to be intended as accepted by the Purchaser even absent any expressed acceptance and prevails over the Purchaser’s general terms, if any.

The GTS are valid and effective unless different written undertakings between Elettronica Conduttori and the Purchaser.

The Purchaser acknowledges that each order, if accepted by Elettronica Conduttori, is a separate and independent agreement

2. Orders – Prices – Payment terms

Order is accepted and the sale is executed in the moment and in the place where Elettronica Conduttori issues the related order confirmation through one of the mentioned means.

Sale prices of the Product are the ones expressed in the invoice.

Means and timing of the payments are the ones expressed in each economic and commercial offer or in each supply agreement, as the case may be, and expressed in the invoice issued by Elettronica Conduttori.

If the payment terms are not met, the Purchaser has the obligation to pay the price of the Product at delivery.

Payments made through bank cheques or bills of exchange are accepted by Elettronica Conduttori subject to clearance and the related amount is registered as balance or advance payment only after the actual collection.

Only persons granted with appropriate written authorisation are allowed to collect payments on behalf of Elettronica Conduttori.

The Purchaser waives the right to challenge the set-off according to art. 1246 of the Italian Civil Code.

3. Default in payment or late payment

In the event of total or partial default in payment or late payment as of the terms agreed upon and expressed in the invoice, provisions set forth in the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231 dated 9 October 2002 apply. In particular Arts. 4 and 5 of the mentioned decree apply with reference to the interest rate and the application timing.

In case of late payment as of the agreed terms, late payment interests provided for under the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231 dated 9 October 2002 in favour of Elettronica Conduttori will apply.

4. Product’s delivery

The Product’s delivery terms and conditions are established in Elettronica Conduttori’s confirmation order.

The delivery deadline expressed in the order confirmation is not mandatory; therefore a non-material delay in the delivery does not give right to the Purchaser to terminate the agreement nor to request to Elettronica Conduttori reimbursements, damages or other indemnities.

Should force majeure events occur, Arts. 1256 and following of the Italian Civil Code apply, without prejudice to the fact that Elettronica Conduttori will try to perform an obligation as much as possible equivalent to the one became impossible or severely difficult within according to its own situation and the temporary circumstances.

5. Quality – Packaging – Allowance

Elettronica Conduttori warrants that the Product (i) has the quality as per the characteristics expressed in the technical documentation, (ii) is compliant with the applicable regulation, if any and including safety regulation, effective in Italy and (iii) is not affected by:

  • defects which render the Product inadequate for the purpose it is manufactured and normally utilized for;
  • characteristics which materially decrease the value, unless such characteristics have been expressly requested by the Purchaser and accepted by Elettronica Conduttori.

In the latter event, Elettronica Conduttori is not responsible for any consequences of the Product’s utilization.

Samples, if any, supplied by Elettronica Conduttori or by the Purchaser are not mandatory with reference to the Product’s features and are for testing purposes only.

The Product is sold and delivered in adequate packaging according to each product-type as per Elettronica Conduttori’s discretion or according to the arrangements with the Purchaser.

Product’s quantity is expressed in the confirmation order of Elettronica Conduttori. Partial deliveries are allowed. The total ordered quantity and each length declared as essential in written form by the Purchaser can be delivered with a higher or lower tolerance by 5% than the quantity expressed in the confirmation order. Without prejudice to the mentioned tolerance over the total ordered quantity, lengths which are not declared as essential in written form by the Purchaser can be delivered with a higher or lower tolerance higher than 5% than the quantity expressed in the confirmation order.

6. Warranty and Complaints

Elettronica Conduttori is not responsibile for the Product quality losses if it is altered or modified by the Purchaser without a priori consultation with Elettronica Conduttori concerning the possible consequences of an inappropriate use of the Product.

In case of subsequent sale of the Product from the Purchaser, the Purchaser has no right to alter or modify the original packaging of the Product. In such an event, any warranties over the Product will be no longer valid.

The defects warranty period is 12 months starting from the delivery of the Product. The warranty is valid if the technical specifications and recommendations from Elettronica Conduttori are abided by the Purchaser. Moreover:

  • the Product must be handled with care during movement and storing phases;
  • the Product and the packaging must be intact and with no tears due to acts after the delivery;
  • storage temperature: -20 +60 °C;
  • the Product must be stored in an enclosed space, sheltered by bad weather and UV rays which might accelarate the usual ageing of the Product and oxidation of the copper in case of contact.

Elettronica Conduttori is responsible towards the Puchaser only if a non-conformity of the Product to the provisions of Art. 5.1 is confirmed.

In this event, the Purchaser will serve Elettronica Conduttori with a written non-conformity communication within eight (8) days as of the delivery of the Product or, in case of hidden defects, as of the day of discovery, without prejudice to the statute of limitation of twelve (12) months as of the delivery of the Product.

In the event of non-conformity communication, the Purchaser can not utilize the Product which must be adequately stored so that the parties can perform the required tests.

Should the non-conformity communication be grounded, Elettronica Conduttori will substitute the defective Product (or part of it) at its own cost or, if a timely substitution is not possible, Elettronica Conduttori will issue a credit note for an amount equal to the Product price as expressed in the invoice.

Even if the non-conformity communication is grounded, the Purchaser has no right to request to Elettronica Conduttori compensations, reimbursements or indemnities for direct or indirect damages.

A non-conformity communication does not allow the Purchaser to unilaterally terminate the agreement nor to suspend or omit, in whole or in part, payments of the Product.

7. Intellectual property rights

Elettronica Conduttori warrants that the Products are free from third party’s intellectual property rights in Italy.

The Purchaser acknowledges that, in the framework of the sale and purchase agreement, he may be made privy of confidential information, including know-how, concerning Elettronica Conduttori’s products. The Purchaser acknowledges that any intellectual property rights, including know-how and industrial secrets, over Elettronica Conduttori’s products are and will be in any given moment exclusive property of Elettronica Conduttori and that the Purchaser is not allowed to disclose or use them.

The Purchaser is liable towards Elettronica Conduttori of any improper disclosure or use of the confidential information and of the intellectual property rights, including know-how and industrial secrets, of Elettronica Conduttori made by the Purchaser, its employees and consultants.

Obligations of the present Clause remain valid for a period of 10 years from the signing even if the GTS cease to have effect.

8. Competent court and applicable law

Any disputes regarding the interpretation, validity, applicability or termination of the GTS is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Turin (Italy).

The GTS are exclusively governed by the Italian Law and, in the event of sale to a foreign party, the Vienna Convention on the international sale of goods dated 11 April 1980 is not applicable.