Disclosure On The Copper Calculation Method Adopted From 1st of March 2022

Following publications closure from website DEL-NOTIZ of copper value used for orders calculation, to be able to continue working with you, we hereby inform you about the ELETTRONICA CONDUTTORI’s new copper value determination procedure for base calculating in orders. This procedure will be operative from 1st of March 2022 referring the website Westmetall’s ( ) copper value and exchange ra...

New Ethernet Hybrid cat.5E cables

Elettronica Conduttori has now available the new family of Ethernet hybrid CAT5 cables (100 Mbps) with Power with Ethernet (PWE).

The cable includes an Ethernet star quad, essential in industry 4.0 projects where everything is connected with the addition of power conductors (4 conductors with a 20 AWG section, with a current capacity of up to 6A).

This cable is suitable for wiring in the new Y-coding of the M12 connector.

For any further information ro to request an of...

CAN BUS and Ethernet in automotive

The increase in connectivity has made cars more and more real computers on wheels.

CAN BUS has long been the only choice for communication between control units in cars, now the enormous increase in the data to be transmitted has increasingly pushed manufacturers to choose new solutions by launching the Ethernet standard in the automotive sector.

These innovations have increasingly challenged the dominance of CAN BUS in automotive industy,

the Ethernet standard offers ...

New Food Approval Cables

Elettronica Conduttori has now a family of Food Approval cables.

Thanks to the use of new and innovative materials, we are now able to produce cables suitable for the use in wiring systems that come into contact with food and drinks.

The materials used in the Food Approval cables family comply with the directives of the European Community regarding materials that come into contact with food and those with the FDA of the United States of America.

This new family of cabl...

KNX Certification

Elettronica Conduttori are now a KNX Member certified company.

The new KNX Bus cables with one or two pairs are now available with PVC or LSZH Jacket with the CPR certifications.

The Cables with the LSZH jacket ara available with the CPR Euro class Cca-s1b,d1,a1 and Dca-s1b,d1,a1 certifications,
instead the cable with PVC jacket has the Eca Euro class certification.

CPR Certifications

CPR certifications according to EU regulation 305/2011 are now available.

The CPR regulation concerns all the materials that are used in the construction of buildings (e.g. homes, schools, hospitals, offices, etc.),

buildings are divided according to the level of risk into:

  • Low risk level, civil buildings, bars, restaurants etc. are part of this class.
  • Medium risk level, for hotels, pensions, hotels, schools, companies and offices with over 300 people pr...

UN/ECE R118 Certifications

The new  UN/ECE R118 certifications are now availables for single and multipolar shielded cables with an operating temperature  of 125°C.

Our family of automotive cables ISO 6722 has optained R118 approval for vehicles used for the transport of people.

The approval covers single-core 125°C cables in PVC and PVC Free and multi-core cables at 125°C shielded with tape and double shield with tape and braid.

Visit the section of the site dedicated to UN/ECE R118 products to...

New Single Pair Ethernet cables

Elettronica Conduttori now has the new data transmission cables based on Single Pair Ethernet technology.

This new technology allows to transmit up to 1Gbit/s of speed and at distances of up to 1000mt.

Single Pair Ethernet follows the trend of the Internet of Things, a fundamental component in industry 4.0 projects where everything is connected to the network, to be managed remotely in order to have control over all the devices in the company.

The advantages of this ne...

The best KNX Project in Italy

Elettronica Conduttori was awarded the prize for the best KNX project at national level.

The project born with the latest expansion of the company structure transforms Elettronica Conduttori into company 4.0, through the KNX system there is an efficient management of all aspects of company buildings starting from lighting, heating and air conditioning, energy management in general and production process control with constant and complete monitoring of the performance of the producti...

Stock Cables

Different type of cables are now availables on stock, in packaging of 500mt.

Choose the cables in your interest and ask to the sales office the availability and the price.