Cables for security systems, intrusion detection, burglar alarm, and for the connection of video door phones, CCTV systems for access control. KNX BUS cables for building automation systems.

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Fire resistant LSZH cables complying with CEI 20-38, CEI 20-45, CEI 20-36, IEC 60331, EN 50200 PH 90-120-180

Power or control cables for fixed installation, in dry and damp environments, in crowded areas with danger of fire (i.e. theaters, banks, stores, shops, schools, hotels, airports, hospitals, etc.) where harm to human life and damage to property must be prevented.

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Technical details:


Stranded bare copper conductors
CEI 20-29 cl.5, EN 60228, IEC 60228 ref.


Glass/Mica tape and halogen free crosslinked compound CEI 20-11, EN 50363-0 quality E4.
Colour code: CEI UNEL 00722, VDE 0293.


Special flame retardant, halogen free, low smoke compound CEI 20-11, EN 50363-0 quality M1, VDE 0207 HM2.
Colour: Blue or upon request.

Operating temperature

-25°C +90°C(fixed laying)

Bending radius

5 times overall diameter of cable (fixed laying).

Operating voltage

0,6/1 kV

Test voltage

4000 V

Fire resistance test

CEI 20-36/4-0 PH 60,PH 90, PH 120
CEI EN 50200 PH 60,PH 90, PH 120, PH 180

Flame retardant test

CEI 20-35/1-2, EN 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1-2

No Fire Propagation Test

CEI 20-22/3, EN 60332-3-24 cat. C, IEC 60334-3-24 cat. C

Non-halogen verification

< 0,5 % (CEI 20-37/2-1, CEI EN 50267-2-1, IEC 60754-1)

Corrosivity of combustion gas

pH: > 4,3 - Conductivity: < 10 μS/mm (CEI 20-37/2-2, CEI EN 50267-2-2, IEC 60754-2)

Smoke density

Transmission of light: > 70% (CEI 20-37/3-1, EN 61034-2)

Toxicity index

< 2 (CEI 20-37/4-0)