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CPR Certifications

CPR certifications according to EU regulation 305/2011 are now available.

The CPR regulation concerns all the materials that are used in the construction of buildings (e.g. homes, schools, hospitals, offices, etc.),

buildings are divided according to the level of risk into:

  • Low risk level, civil buildings, bars, restaurants etc. are part of this class.
  • Medium risk level, for hotels, pensions, hotels, schools, companies and offices with over 300 people present.
  • High level of risk, for terminals, railway stations, subways, hospitals etc.

The cable regulations required three essential characteristics in case of fire:

  • The reaction to fire
  • Fire resistance
  • The release of dangerous or harmful substances in caso of fire

Cable manufacturers are bound by the following obligations:

  • Prepare the product DoP (Declaration of Performance)
  • Make the DoP available
  • Ensure that the product complies with the DoP
  • Apply the CE marking

The certifications available are Euroclass:

  • Cca – s1b, d1, a1
  • Dca – s1b, d1, a1
  • Eca

Search the products with the CPR logo in the website or visit the CPR subcategory in the section dedicated to cables with special certifications.

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