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New Single Pair Ethernet cables

Elettronica Conduttori now has the new data transmission cables based on Single Pair Ethernet technology.

This new technology allows to transmit up to 1Gbit/s of speed and at distances of up to 1000mt.

Single Pair Ethernet follows the trend of the Internet of Things, a fundamental component in industry 4.0 projects where everything is connected to the network, to be managed remotely in order to have control over all the devices in the company.

The advantages of this new technology are an easy and cheap connection to install using only two conductors, therefore you can have a very small, inexpensive cable resistant to oil and machanical stress thanks to its high quality PUR sheath and resistant to electromagnetic interference caused by motors in industrial environments thanks to its braided screen.

For any information or to request an offer for the Single Pair Ethernet cable, contact our sales department.